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tv   Post Sports 8 News Now  CBS  September 22, 2016 8:15pm-9:31pm PDT

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tied a halas chicago bear record. ball out of the hands, and it is ruled incomplete. hit by trey flowers, making place late in this game. >> phil: trey flowers, everywhere, number 98. hands coming forward. made some good run stops. >> jim: remember that time it just happened to say in a production meeting to bill, "did th you would've never met by chance george halas?" he said, i did, 10 years old, went into the locker room, my dad introduced me to george halas. miller with a catch, thrown dow down. said he congratulated halas on the win, and halas reached in his pocket and gave him a dollar bill and said, "the first time i get congratulated on a win by
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imagine that meeting between two of the legendary coaches of all time happening when he was just a little boy. 3rd and 6. and it is caught by griffin out at the 16-yard line for a first. >> phil: this game, it is in patriots. as catch by griffin that time. but patriots, they are not splitting up on the defensive side. still double-teaming deandre hopkins, and they are going to make brock osweiler throw it to somebody else. >> jim: you want to complete the shutout. the last time they had a shutout was week 17 of 2012 against the dolphins in a 28-0 victory. almost intercepted, strong did
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something on that defense. >> jim: with an interception tonight too. >> phil: yep. patrick chung watching him, leading the eyes of the quarterback, he is going to make a big hit is strong dust catch it. -- if strong does catch it. >> jim: missing one of the most important players, dont'a hightower out with with a kn. here goes miller, his longest run of the evening. good for 15. >> phil: would have loved to have seen that in the first half, first quarter. that was the whole plan, to do that, and it never worked.
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there by mcclellin, the former bear. >> phil: the biggest thing too, talk about this patriots defense, we write notes. i remember writing on the top of the page going, multiple, they do about. they didn't do as much as we've seen them go the first couple of games, but the difference i've seen in the last five years years, this defense is stacked and it shows. >> jim: another catch by griffin. these throws underneath. that is its his eighth catch r 52 yards. >> phil: chris long once again right back there, almost getting a sack. you take him out and to bring in jabaal sheard. that's a pretty good trade-off. yeah. >> jim: stacked up, miller, no gain. collins.
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think, all this plays that are talked about, everybody can play two and three positions, you jut don't know what you're going to get because of that versatility, where they're going to lineup, who is going to cover who. >> jim: 2nd and 10. flowers has it that it down. that's trey flowers, and mcclellin putting on the heat. >> phil: jay mcclellin from chicago. been a rough, rough night for brock osweiler. guys are not getting open, some big hits. we said it, bill o'brien, look at that, sacks, curries, knockdowns.
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got a good presence on the field, leads this football team. >> jim: that was hopkins trying to make an acrobatic catch. of course, they will go for it here with 3 minutes to go. >> phil: to talk about bill parcells, you know, when you lose these games like this, it is up to the quarterback to set the tempo for the following week. by the way, i was a little upset. he took tracy wolfson's call earlie when i call him, he never picks up. you think he's still mad? >> jim: yeah. >> phil: a little bit of a rough time. >> jim: sure sounded like brissett was his favorite quarterback to be around very first number 11? >> phil: called him, like, five times this week, no answer. >> jim: 4th and 10, incomplete.
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hungrier than they were in the first quarter as they are sensing they are about to close out a shutout. >> phil: so many players, you got to keep performing because there is somebody great on your heels wanting your job. >> jim: texans only shutout in the regular season happened back all the way in '03. second season. but they weren't were shut e playoffs last year, last year, they had five regular-season wins in a row coming in here. with their loss in the regular-season, the most recent one december 15th against cleveland. blount squeezes out one more yard, and we're going to be sending it to the "mazda
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on the "mazda postgame show." you know, marshall faulk said something tonight when they were making predictions for the game which i thought was a strong and good comment. he said, if you can't win this game tonight with all the patriots that are out this evening, how are they ever going to beat them? that might be a mentality to get past that heard up tonight. this was a chance for them, a meant a lot for them to build off of. >> phil: when you win, what's the old saying? what did they ask you the day after the game? did you win or did you lose? we don't care about the circumstances. if tom brady is out, did you win? it feels great. but they were outplayed from start to finish here tonight. >> jim: two-minute warning.
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>> jim: back for the last 2 minutes here as bill belichick is just 2 minutes away from getting the ninth shutout of his time in new england. where do these two teams go from here? so early in the season. you can't make crazy predictions about what this is going to do for the rest of the season for a squad, but how them? >> phil: when you lose like this, they'll recover, jim. they'll get back and go back to work and realize it's just one game. and we see teams changed dramatically every year from the start of the year to the middle. the nfl season, i always say, even when i played, it's like four seasons. you've got to hang in there and see what your team develops into. and you lways hope at the right time of year it just clicks, the chemistry, the health, playmaking, all of it just
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this is not going to destroy houston, the fact that they have been beat up and manhandled here tonight. >> jim: how 'bout for the patriots? knowing the likes of hightower will be coming back eventually, gronkowski should be healthy down the road. and that guy, number 12, as well, just a few weeks away, october the ninth. tom brady's return at cleveland. first, though, they'll be hosting buffalo in week four. there is the brady return game. cleveland. >> phil: i'll say this though. i'll tell you one thing. we haven't talked about enough tonight. they are going to be happy with their offensive line, how physical it was. i think this patriot team, another wanted to do that in this off-season, get back to being physical and running the football and not just relying o- >> jim: look at this, allen
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been one of his great nights. >> phil: just to give themselves a little more room. >> jim: delay of game, offense, 5-yard penalty. >> phil: woke the crowd up for a minute. >> jim: having fun, still coaching, 1:15 and still trying to come up with something creative to maybe draw the texans offside. to no avail bill, i said this story before. bill, what about this? oh, i love free agency, i love looking for players. i love the combine, i love the draft. i love old ta's. he complains, and he complained to us and i think rightly so. they don't get to practice enough. >> jim: there is a fair catch,
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six punt inside the 20, and by my count, that is six punts that had eventually finished from the 13-yard line or worse. >> phil: tremendous special spel teams night. for the patriots. he got up when i started talking about that, didn't he? i knew it would. i did on purpose. that's the thing, let's cut back on games and practice. don't have enough time to get backups ready as it is. >> jim: play for blue out to the nine with a minute to go. when it all comes to an end and they had to the locker room, i wonder if coach belichick might
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maybe he'll give him the same ball back that brissett gave to the coach. here. here, coach. [laughs] instead of thanks, he said, give this back to me after the game in the locker room. blue backing in for a first. and the texans are going to call it a night. >> phil: what a night. that's exciting. im in high school, led his team to a state championship, 32-1. runner up, mr. florida basketball, to boston rivers. so he's an amazing kid. and when parcells pouches as much as he has for brissett, made phone calls, you know he is something special. >> phil: that says a lot. >> jim: just the third week of the season, and it is a short week.
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together with bill -- bill parcells first, later here with belichick in new england. great font and friendship there. wilfork, probably the next time he walks on to this field, they'll be presented in some kind of patriot hall of fame honor. he will be recognized in time. >> phil: hoping to get one more shot at a playoff game. >> jim: if that happens, they may not brissett on that occasion. got to think it will be tom brady. a shutout victory. patriots tonight, dominate in all. >> phil: special teams outstanding, great plan on both sides of the football. they took care of the rookie
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>> announcer: welcome to the mazda postgame show. >> 105 yards rushing and two touchdowns from legarrette found. he is heading to the "mazda
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gillette stadium shortly as the replica lombardi trophies that michael irvin has in his house will soon be renamed the belichick trophy because that is what he tweeted out. if bill belichick was going to beat the houston texans on thursday night football, and he not only did that, but he shut him out. 27-0. >> bill: oh, man. >> on social media saying, michael, engraver? i say, yes. that's incredible, what we're watching. just incredible. >> unbelievable. >> 27-0. >> we all picked houston to win this game. >> don't just take that. >> first time i predicted it victory for a visiting team in foxborough. wasn't even a close ball game. this was domination in every
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>> just move up for a franchise quarterback, went with our third guy running the ball, good special team, take that. >> when you say "we" chose the texan team, you may knew, -- you mean you, >> i know that's not true. i know jim nantz give you props about what you said on the pregame show, but you set the word texans. i set the width patriots. let's go to england right now, jim nantz and phil simms. >> jim: guys having a great time, wasn't the kind of game most people thought we were going to witness here tonight, and you think about jacoby brissett, they've got the many
8:36 pm
up, then braided back, possible that brissett, as good of a job as he did tonight, extraordinary in a short week, third week of the season, he could possibly not see the field the rest of the year. >> phil: that's what's amazing. the game plan, steve mariucci, all the guys here, they know, football is about count, but the one game with an coaching really is extly good coaching, you can become a star. you can have all that talent, coaching's not there, tonight was a clinic on offense, how to protect. defense change dramatically. you talked about it all night. special teams were a whole mother story too >> jim: dalton's against the bengals on nfl network only, a
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>> phil: looking forward to seeing the offense. ryan tannehill has been throwing well, but cincinnati has denver this week, the same thing, every week is important in the nfl, probably be doing the opening next thursday night going, it's almost a must-win because that's what it always feels like in this week. that's why so much fun to cover. >> jim: will see you this weekend found in philadelphia, the doubleheader game. >> phil: see a lot of me. you get paid extra >> jim: do it for free. coming up next, your local nose. news. don't miss "late show with stephen colbert" followed by "late late show with james corden" tonight, only on cbs. 27-0, patriots. and for more football, the mazda
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d when a shady tarkanian deal went bust, he refused to pay back $17 million, sticking taxpayers with the bill. why would we ever send danny tarkanian to congress?
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horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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football here on channel 8... this is a special edition of 8 news now. lets talk some football... unlv has a big game this saturday. the rebels are hosting idaho... these are two teams with similar wants and needs. both teams are 1-2 on the season. they both take pride in their running attacks to set up the pass. unlv is favored by 14... lot of people are saying that's a safe bet. time will tell but history shows us, unlv can't overlook anybody... even if it is lowly idaho. paul petrino/idaho coach: "it's a very important game, over the summer you c game and one that we've got to do a great job of preparing and executing and going down there to get a win." isaiah saunders/running back: "we've got to get the run game going, pass game.. they run a lot of man.. so coach told the receivers lets get it going, lets get some wins some releases and make some big plays." ((chris maathuis)) unlv and idaho kick off at 6
8:43 pm
to las vegas since 2005. last time they were here, the rebs won 34-31 one of the intriguing prep football games this week has faith lutheran hosting arbor view. that could entertaining... the crusaders have some talent, but then again the aggies are one of the top programs in the valley this year. faith knows they've got a challenge ahead.... but they're up to it. vernon fox/faith lutheran head coach: "they're coached well and efficient at what they do... they don't fool your they lineup and come downhill, everyone but got a good qb so if they want to pass, they have that option and a guy who can deliver it... so it takes preparation, study and its incumbent on the guys to read their keys and seeing what's goin' on in front of them, if you guess this team will make you pay." ((chris maathuis)) it's going to be a huge challenge for faith... remember about 3 weeks ago...
8:44 pm
it went back and forth with liberty edging the aggies 27-23. the lady rebels are going to play in t-mobile arena this december. they're playing in the 'play for kay' tourney... unlv's opening round game in the 3 day event will have em tipping off against oregon state... who made it to the final four last year. 7 of the teams in the tourney posted 20 wins last season ... so a big deal for kathy olivier and his ladies. we've been reporting for facility to be built in summerlin. foley along with the the howard hughes corporation announced today the signing of a 20-year ground lease for two rink practice facility. as we first mentioned months ago. the facility will be built on 5 acres near red rock resort and just west of downtown summerlin. ((chris maathuis)) another unique event being staged in las vegas this weekend... the 2016 3 wall ball world championships are being held on the street from the
8:45 pm
racquetball, handball and paddleball players are here. in fact the former racquetball champion is a las vegan, who knew. now he's playing outdoors and it's a different animal. bret harnett/former champion: "i played for decades with being able to hit a ceiling or back wall out here if it's coming near you you've got to get it... it's really a challenge. steve lerner/tourney director: "27 states large groups from mexico ,m canada, spain so a lot of people will come here for the 7th year now. we'll have more on the 3 wall ball world championships tonight at 11. dave and denise... we'll also introduce you to the most accomplished racquetball couple in the u.s. and mexico... that's coming up at 11. ((dave courvoisier)) today was quite a gusty day here in the valley which
8:46 pm
((denise valdez)) >> tedd florendo is here to explain how long the strong winds and weather alerts will last. ((tedd florendo)) now: clouds assocaited with hurricane paine have no enveloped the region. rain chances are not in the forecast for tonight, but we could start seeing some drops move in for southern zones overnight. temps stay warm today but we'll have a warm evening with the clouds around. winds stay light for now but will see them pickup tonight: clouds from paine will stick around through tonight and all of tomorrow. temps overnight due to cloud cover could keep us in the high 70's and close to 80 by morning. rain chances stay south of i-15 and maybe up to i-40 in az by early tomorrow. we'll have an more detailed update on your weather
8:47 pm
((denise valdez)) coming up on the valley's news leader... it's a question of passion or politics after an attorney had her day in court for not removing a "black lives matter" pin./// ((dave courvoisier)) plus... we dive a little deeper into a campaign contribution probe--- which may involve more than just councilman ricki barlow./// news music voice over: "now, live...this is 8 news now
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horner: i was proud to stand for our country. i will not stand for congressman hardy and donald trump insulting seniors and veterans. hardy wants to raise the retirement age and said seniors who rely on programs like social security are a draw on government and the disabled are a drain on society. and then there's donald trump. they're just not for us.
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protests continue for a third night in north carolina over the latest police shooting in charlotte... ((i hearby declare this to be an unlawful assembly. i order all those assembled at this location to immediately disperse.)) many people are calling for police to release the police video of the incident... when keith scott was shot and killed by officers. ((denise valdez)) >> police say he refused to drop his weapon but witnesses say he only had a book. the family's attorney says with
8:51 pm
police, the video wouldn't spare the truth. but the chief says he will not do so, since the investigation is ongoing. ((the video does not give me absolute definitive visual evidence that would confirm that a person is pointing a gun)) ((denise valdez)) >> scott's family says he did not own a gun or regularly carry one. they also say scott was in his vehicle, reading a book when he was shot. was at the scene, says if there was a gun, it was planted by the police./// ((denise valdez)) in tulsa, oklahoma... the female officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man will face criminal charges. officer betty shelby now faces felony manslaughter in connection to the fatal shooting of 40-year-old terence crutcher after his s-u-v broke down. a district attorney announced the charge less than a week after reviewing police dash cam and helicopter video. according to the affidavit the investigator found shelby
8:52 pm
to the point that she over reacted." ((kunzweiler) "i do not know why things happen in this world the way they do. we need to pray for wisdom and guidance on each of our respective paths in life. )) while we are pleased to learn that the officer who senselessly killed my beloved twin brother will face criminal charges for her reckless act, we understand that ((denise valdez)) >> the charge against officer shelby... first degree manslaughter carries a punishment of at least four years./// ((denise valdez)) the racial tension across the country has spilled over into the las vegas district court. an attorney appeared before a judge today, after she refused to remove a "black lives matter" pin from her blouse tuesday. sharie johnson shows us what she ultimately did that caused her colleagues to stand their ground...
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
wasn't following commands and for me to know that that wasn't true made it very real )) ((sharie johnson)) but ultimately... the judge has the prerogative to make his own rules in his out courtroom. (( 14:08 you advocate for reform when you believe it's needed, you advocate on behalf of social injustice, just as you're doing here 14:14 but it has to be done when where it's appropriate 14:17 the right to do that isn't absolute 14:18)) ((denise valdez)) >> public defenders say their that the judge allows marshall's and other people to enter court with political pins, military pins and legislative buttons. but the judge said no one has ever complained about those./// ((dave courvoisier)) there are new details tonight into the federal investigation involving las vegas city councilman ricki barlow. the i-team has discovered there are more people who targets of the probe. patrick walker has the details. ((patrick walker)) what was first thought to be a
8:55 pm
investigation. sources familiar with the investigation tell us agents are looking at financial links between local n-a-a-c-p president roxann mccoy and councilman barlow...whether he used the power of his office to line his own pocket through cash kickbacks as well as campaign contributions. mccoy's consulting firm is considered a key focal point of the federal probe. after searching through public records, we found several links between mccoy's company... aspire consulting... and barlow and his own consulting firm. in 2015... dollars in payments for "consulting purposes"... to aspire consulting and to mccoy directly. but while that may be on the up-and-up... sources tell us the f-b-i is looking into payments going back and forth off the books. i-team sources tell us investigators have asked the city of las vegas to preserve barlow's electronic records at city hall. a city spokesman confirmed that they are cooperating with that request. and sources also tell the i-team that there is powerful audio and video evidence between an
8:56 pm
((dave courvoisier)) >> we've reached out to councilman barlow and his attorney... as well as roxann mccoy. so far... we have not heard back from them./// ((dave courvoisier)) meanwhile... the case against an accused murderer moves forward... it's a story the i-team has been following closely. 30 year old shawn eisenman is accused of killing a 47 year old grandmother. ladonna metais was gunned down on her front porch on july 3rd during a drive by. the judge heard from multiple witnesses over the past two days before making the decision to move the case forward. victim's sister who was during the drive by shooting. ((pauline o'dell/sister of murder victim: ladonna i think was in shock cause she said the word mother and then she was on the ground and i crawled over to her and tried to stop the bleeding...blood everywhere.)) ((dave courvoisier)) >> shawn eisenman is connected to several other cases...including an unrelated murder back in december. all - after a release from
8:57 pm
the man accused of shooting his estranged wife and her boyfriend at mccarran airport monday night... will be held on 650-thousand dollars bail. jeffery brown made his first court appearance this morning. if he posts bail... he'll have to remain on house arrest./// ((denise valdez)) the north las vegas doctor arrested for inappropriately touching a patient is free to return to work... at least for now. ((dave courvoisier)) >> 8 news now has learned the nevada state board of medical examiners has not suspended his license. reporter karen castro found out why. arrest: .)) ((karen castro)) speaking in spanish, cesi garcia says "it's bad" what she witnessed wednesday morning. she was selling tamales outside the medical offices of doctor jorge burgos near lake mead and civic center drive. ((cesi garcia witnessed arrest: )) ((karen castro)) she says "all of a sudden, an hour later, police had a doctor in handcuffs." according to a police report, the inappropriate encounters with the victim date back to early august. police have been investigating the
8:58 pm
during a doctor visit, burgos kissed and touched her. burgos is also accused of rubbing the woman during an examination and barging in during a pap smear. the report explains how another woman came forward back in 2011 but charges were never filed. ((cesi garcia witnessed arrest: )) ((karen castro)) garcia says, "it's shocking." burgos posted bail thursday morning. he can legally return to work even though he has a criminal case pending against him. the nevada state board of medical examiners say his license to practic the executive director says they are aware of his arrest wednesday and are doing an investigation of their own... but they are waiting for a police report in order to move forward. ((cesi garcia witnessed arrest: )) ((karen castro)) garcia says: everyday, a lot of patients come here, maybe some of them are my customers. north las vegas police say more possible victims have come forward. but investigators have also received multiple calls from people defending the doctor. ((cesi garcia witnessed
8:59 pm
((karen castro)) she says: as a doctor, he has to respect people. karen castro, 8 news now. ((dave courvoisier)) >> burgos has no prior criminal record in clark county. he has never been disciplined by the medical examiners in the past./// ((denise valdez)) leaders in the travel industry... talking tourism. the input they shared with las vegas... about how our city could increase the number of people that visit./// ((dave courvoisier)) but first, fall is here... and we're expecting to see some tedd florendo up next with a look at your forecast as we head into the weekend./// news music voice over: "now, live...this is 8 news now
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while we've been relatively dry here in the valley... there is flooding in multiple parts of north carolina. ((dave courvoisier)) and today more than 60 people had to be rescued from their homes. rescue workers say the water was about five to six feet deep in certain spots...
9:03 pm
people from their homes... and now there are rescue squads assisting from four other cities in the state./// ((tedd florendo)) ((( it's been a cloudy and muggy day in the valley with showers mainly staying east of the region. temps have stayed on the cool side with highs only in the 80's today thanks to all the cloud cover through the morning and afternoon. winds have been slightly bz forecast for thursday. ................................ ... ... temps have been mostly in the 80's throughout the region and definitely below average for this time of year. mid 80's for the east part of the valley this afternoon and really not touching into the 90's this time around. we're supposed to be around 92 this time of year and it looks like we won't even reach that. not as warm for those areas on the west side of town where we're higher in elevation. 80's still but below average again and we stayed cool up in kyle
9:04 pm
regional temps also stayed warm but below average as well. not expecting to reach into the 90's today, but there were some areas around the region that hit 90's especially in death valley. warm there and laughlin again as usual. cooler up in the great basin with temps also mild up in reno. colorado river stayed warm but still plenty of clouds around,. ................................ ... .................. looking at the radar the bulk of the rain stayed east and south which is why we only put a 30% chance for our region yesterday. some areas to the east actually picked up .04 to .20 of an inch near ......... .......................... ................... futurecast shows the rain chances probably not likely happening here this evening as the rain stays east again this evening. then expect a lull in any rain chances until tomorrow we're the next system coming in off the coast will increase our chances again by afternoon and thursday a.m. the possiblity of isolated t'storms is also in the forecast for that time frame. ................................ ... ................ here's the forecast. lows dropping close to 70 tonight with only slight shower chances for this evening and
9:05 pm
times, but we may stay warm due to the cloud cover. tomorrow expect a high close to 90 with both clouds and sun along with some breezy winds. shower chances increast later in the day and especially in the evening. t'storm chances are also possible. ................................ ... ............. extended forecast shows plenty of 80's with friday being our coolest day in the low 80's. expect strong wind on thursday with those shower chances for the first day of fall.
9:06 pm
would-be thief to hospital. we explain the unique set up straight ahead on the valley's news leader. ((denise valdez)) and... councilman steve ross is using his personal story to provide help for substance abuse. the upcoming event at city hall to highlight national recovery month./// news music vo
9:07 pm
9:09 pm
((denise valdez)) the cause of a fire remains unknown tonight -- and now four people are without a home. we're told a car caught fire and spread to home near silverado ranch. 8 news now also learned while out at the scene the next door neighbors house also has damage because of the fire. --- and due to the high winds nearly 50 firefighters were called to battle the blaze.
9:10 pm
injured./// ((dave courvoisier)) an attempted robbery didn't go as planned early this morning. metro says a woman set up a date with a man she met online... with the intention of robbing him. when they met in person... another man showed up to rob him... but the victim pulled out a gun and shot him. the attempted robber took off before calling police. both were arrested... but the man won't be booked until he's out of the hospital. the victim was not hurt./// ((dave courvoisier)) meanwhile... councilman steve ross is teaming up with the city and other community advocates to host a rally for recovery this weee recovery month. (( : "addiction doesn't only affect the addict it affects families, it affects communities, it affects coworkers and there's help out there for the addict to get. )) ross calls addiction the monster that is devouring our community--- and says the rally is meant to help the family's and addicts get the help they need. the rally for recovery will be this saturday at city hall from 10 to two p-m. councilman ross also thanked the community for their support while he and his family deal
9:11 pm
one of his sons./// ((denise valdez)) leaders of the travel industry met in the entertainment capital of the world today -- to discuss ways of improving tourism here in southern nevada. and when it came to security... las vegas got a lot of praise. although there's a high number of tourist in our area -- experts say one area our city can improve on is the amount of international travelers that come to town. their solution... raising the "passenger facility charge".. that's the 4-dollar fee you pay when booking flights. airports.. so the u-s travel association wants to raise it a few bucks... to increase the number of gates and runways at mccarran./// ((dave courvoisier)) zion national park deal with quite few closures... ((denise valdez)) >> one as a precaution -- the other due to an overflow... we'll explain straight ahead on the valley's news leader.///
9:14 pm
woman: here in nevada, those were the worst days of our lives, and congressman heck called it "a blip." narrator: in 2008, joe heck called nevada's housing crisis "a blip on the radar." that's just how out of touch joe heck is. narrator: after heck sponsored a bill giving tax breaks to big banks,
9:15 pm
the housing crisis. it's clear what joe heck's priorities are, and families like mine get left behind. narrator: afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad. zion national park under a flood warning until late tonight - as heavy rains cause a series of canyon closures. ((denise valdez)) >> hailey higgins gives us a closer look at the park's actions as flash flood warnings continue through the weekend. right now we are under a flood warning. the virgin river swelling oui fast water is rushing through zion canyon. therese picard canyon district ranger, zion national park the force of that water is so much greater than if you were in a large, wide river. temporary waterfalls cascade above the popular narrows trails - which are closed during today's flooding. louise gould visiting from connecticut "we've been through this rain and we knew it was dangerous." the closures force this group visiting from connecticut to rescheduled their water hike. pat durante visiting from
9:16 pm
inconvenience, zion administration isn't taking chances. this month marks one year when seven hikers from california died during flash flooding. therese picard canyon district ranger, zion national park basically anything that would require you to get into the water and get a permit for, we've closed those for the time being. no one wants to be in those conditions. ((denise valdez)) now the threat of rain will continue through this area into the weekend, so please keep an eye on the forecast if you're traveling to utah./// ((denise valdez)) a national park has been forced to reschedule its waste removal project at scouts lookout. since monday the park has been flying empty barrels up to the lookout's composting toilets. but with the weather warning the project has been postponed. until the weather clears up scouts lookout and angels landing will be closed to visitors./// ((dave courvoisier)) today was quite a gusty
9:17 pm
how long the strong winds are going to be with us. ((tedd florendo)) now: clouds assocaited with hurricane paine have no enveloped the region. rain chances are not in the forecast for tonight, but we could start seeing some drops move in for southern zones overnight. temps stay warm today but we'll have a warm evening with the clouds around. winds stay light for now but will see them pickup through the week. tonight: clouds from paine will stick around through tonigh temps overnight due to cloud cover could keep us in the high 70's and close to 80 by morning. rain chances stay south of i-15 and maybe up to i-40 in az by early tomorrow. we'll have an more detailed update on your weather coming up at 4. ((denise valdez)) the race for the white house is a close one nationwide... including in battleground states like ohio.
9:18 pm
this year's election has some in ohio rethinking what it means to be a democrat or a republican. as the clock ticks down in the buckeye state both campaigns are going after unlikely ohioans. for trump that's voters like jeff hill... (jeff hill/trump supporter) "yeah... donald trumps who i'm voting for. (martin savidge/reporting) "did you say you're republican?" (jeff hill/trump supporter) "this year, i am ordinarily no, but this year i'm republican." he's older, white, blue collar ... trump's voter sweet spot. census numbers show ohio has more like him than any other battleground state. which explains why trump has been here more than showing up on traditional democratic turf like factory towns, coal fields even union halls. (bob paduchik/ohio director for trump campaign) "people are concerned about national security. they're concerned about domestic security. they're concerned about jobs and some of the trade deals. and i think that resonates not just with republicans but also independents and democrats." but trump isn't the only one after non typical voters... (martin savidge/reporting) "this is the town of powell, a suburb of columbus. it's mostly white, upper middle
9:19 pm
campaign office across the street. yet these are exactly the kind of voters the clinton campaign is going after in ohio." (martin savidge/reporting) "how do you talk to those voters? it's a little bit of a different conversation, i would think?" (chris wyant, state director for clinton campaign) "we certainly do talk about donald trump and his divisiveness and the rhetoric we have heard consistently for the last year and a half while he's been running. we also certainly talk about secretary clinton and her career of fighting for children and familie message clinton's campaign has been hammering home on ohio tv... where she and her allies have outspent trump and his backers by a four-to-one margin in the state. sherrie scarton is a longtime republican, voting for reagan, mccain and romney. but she can't vote for trump. (sherrie scarton/republican) "hillary's a smart woman and trump is just - i hate to say it - he's a maniac." another more high profile republican is also not committing to vote for trump -- popular ohio governor
9:20 pm
turning out the vote... and organizationally clinton seems to have the edge with 55 field offices and plans for two dozen more compared to trump's 31 so-called "victory offices." early voting in ohio starts in less than 4 weeks... plenty of time political expert paul beck says for things to change for either candidate. (martin savidge/reporting) "nobody's got this state wrapped up.... (paul beck/political expert) "i don't think so." ((dave courvoisier)) >> according to a recent c-n-n poll of polls-- donald trump is leading in ohio. the poll shows the republican presidential candidate with 43-percent of support from likely voters. clinton has 38-percent.///
9:21 pm
election headquarters... stay up to date on all the political news on air and online at las vegas now dot com./// ((denise valdez)) n-c-i-s: los angeles will soon be back on air this weekend... and we got the chance to talk to two of the show's stars. ((dave courvoisier)) >> what they had to say to our good day anchors... and the rap names l-l cool j gave them./// news music voice over: "now, live...this is 8 news now
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9:23 pm
((dave courvoisier)) n-c-i-s: los angeles premieres this weekend... and the 8 news now 'good day' team had the chance to talk with two of the show's stars today. ((denise valdez)) >> before the interview, though... n-c-i-s star and rapper l-l cool j had some fun with brian and kirsten... giving them 'rap names' based on the name of their first dog... and the name of the first street
9:24 pm
that was 'axel erns court'... and for kirsten... it was 'cocoa waterbury.' here's a look at the conversation that followed. 19:32:06 brian loftus: ll the last time we talked you named my terrific co-anchor 'cocoa waterbury' i want to start with chris... as a fellow chicagoan... what is wrong with the bears and would the bears be better if ll suited up? chris o'donnell: i would pay money to have ll drop in at quarterback and get rid of jay cutler it is so frustrating as a chicago fan i can't tell you but we do have an exciting year for the respects this is misty white coming to you live from los angeles. ll cool j: i tell you what misty waterberry sounds like a hotspot in las vegas brian loftus: believe it or not it is it's open since the interview i want to be in the vip club at coco waterberry chris o'donnell: i believe i left my amex at the vip club in cocoa waterbury. brian loftus: hey ll
9:25 pm
that's how she rolls kirsten joyce: all right guys let's talk about your awesome show what are your individual characters going through this season gentleman ll cool j: well we find out a lot about my character we find about his military upbringing his background his family his personal life we find out a lot about more about his father and the mysterious nature of that whole story so we learn a lot more chris o'donnell: but we have a team member down in our opening episode we're after a high-value target in syria and we have an accident on the helicopter and one of our main team members is down finito brian loftus: that sounds like he's down you guys are amazing together this show is going to get high ratings no matter what we do jumping back to the cubs chris what do they need to do to make this happen this year
9:26 pm
ll cool j: if you will play better chris o'donnell: they can't play much better that's the problem ll cool j: be like the yankees. chris o'donnell: we just have to break this curse if you look at it this is the first time we ever had las vegas odds in our favor at the start of the season and they lived up to that expectation but it's the cubs until i see it i won't believe it but i'm rootin' brian: and chris can you confirm the rumor that ll spends between six and 12 hours a day in the gym? chris: i can confirm th chris: he's a freak of nature i don't think he has to spend any time in the gym he came out of the womb this way it was a very painful birth ll: yeah right brian: i met ll one time at a restaurant it's the only time i've seen my sister so starstruck she went speechless oh my gosh that's ll cool j chris: was he cracking open the lobster shells? does ll have a place
9:27 pm
nothing ll knows nada chris? can you imagine him as a middle linebacker ll: yeah laid out on a stretcher talking about how much i tried... kirsten: all right you guys got to go we've got to go gentleman brian: you have 82 more interviews. have a wonderful day... we are so looking forward to your show sunday on cbs. thank you guys see you coco kirsten: thanks gentlemen brian: he said see you coco. kirsten: awww. thank you guys. ((dave courvoisier)) many people wonder about the nutritional value of a public school lunch. ((denise valdez)) >> well one cafeteria worker in texas put it to the test and lost quite a bit of weight. her story straight ahead./// news music voice over: "now,
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